What is a car?

I have hereby determined that a car is a stereo on wheels 🙂


So on my birthday…

So on my birthday I was helping a good friend move and saw a guitar in the corner and inquired about it. He said he was going to leave it for the people moving in unless I wanted it. Really nice, Acoustic-Electric Alvarez cut-away. It’s at the Candyman right now getting cleaned up and so on…

Nowhere Near Finished

“Officially forming in the spring of 1969, the band dubbed Blind Faith featured Winwood and Clapton, along with flashy Cream drummer Ginger Baker and ex-Family bassist Rick Grech.  The band attempted to self produce the album, but there were serious problems with the recordings, and Miller was called in at the 11th hour for an independent opinion.  Due in only four days (a deadline imposed to coincide with the band’s upcoming tour), Miller was shocked to discover that the record was nowhere near finished.”

David N. Howard – Sonic Alchemy

Scout Willis: Topless Instagram Photos Are a Feminist Issue


More than a few people noticed when Scout Willis walked around New York topless last week. But the 22-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis says she wasn’t just trying to get attention — her public display was in protest of Instagram’s Terms of Use, which forbids users from posting nude or partially nude images. Willis took to XOJane on Monday to defend her shirtlessness, saying that women should be allowed to show their nipples on social media as a matter of female empowerment and gender equality.

The drama began two weeks ago when Willis said her Instagram account was deactivated because she posted a photo of herself in a sheer shirt and another photo of a sweatshirt featuring a picture of two friends topless. (You can’t see her faces in the photo.) She made a new account, but Instagram quickly took issue with one of her photos…

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Original Unsigned Song Different Directions by Racecar Muse on Soundcloud

Original Unsigned Song Different Directions by Racecar Muse on Soundcloud

This again is an older recording, perhaps from 2007 or so, that I just now opened with Audacity and basically attempted to make the song listenable and at the same time being bold enough to make the song somewhat outstanding or different, no pun intended… All instrumentation credits go to David Cragin. I can tell that there was a comfort level going on because we had been working together for years at this point.

Brunt (album review)


Tommy Girard

BruntA few weeks ago Guernsey-based stoner rock trio Brunt unleashed their debut album on the world.

Across five tracks the band’s style of instrumental sludge is something a bit different for music in Guernsey and has already made quite a mark on the live scene with shows at the islands two biggest music festivals, Chaos and the Vale Earth Fair, as well as many other gigs besides.

The album was recorded by Lifejacket Studios and is available via the band’s bandcamp page along with some rather snazzy t-shirts featuring versions of the artwork that was released in limited edition along with early copies of the music.

My review was published in The Guernsey Press on Thursday 29th May 2014:

Brunt review scan - 29:05:14and here’s a little preview of what the band actually sound like:

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