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Original Unsigned Song Different Directions by Racecar Muse on Soundcloud

Original Unsigned Song Different Directions by Racecar Muse on Soundcloud

This again is an older recording, perhaps from 2007 or so, that I just now opened with Audacity and basically attempted to make the song listenable and at the same time being bold enough to make the song somewhat outstanding or different, no pun intended… All instrumentation credits go to David Cragin. I can tell that there was a comfort level going on because we had been working together for years at this point.


The Dark Side of Pop Music

I guess that there is a dark side to everything and everyone and we often lie to ourselves when we only focus on the light.  The light is essential for survival and grappling with the darkness, that is intractable from our nature, is also essential for our survival.  The story of pop music has a very dark side.  Incredible suffering and loss for the m word.

Under-noticed, under appreciated, over looked and definitely glorified as if there was nothing but sunshine and cheer.  It’s so not like that.  A good example is the difficulty experienced by the leader of the quintessential Sunshine Pop Band of the 60’s; Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys; The Charles Manson connection, the loss and heaviness that many of you may know about.  I have a great deal of respect for Brian Wilson.  Both for his early sonic ventures and for his recent concerts and interviews.  He has been forthright, gentle and sincere.

I think that understanding and as I said, grappling with the dark side of the story allows us to really show genuine and true appreciation for the uplifting elements of music and pop music specifically.  Otherwise we are simply shallow listeners with no true appreciation for the sound that envelopes our ears and vibrates through our body.  That sure is fine, however, I would like to sum up some of Pop Music’s darkest moments in hopes that by illuminating the sacrifices, we can really know how valuable a “simple” song that motivates and inspires truly is.

More to come…